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What do I get in the shoot?

In our non-Express packages, you get:

  • 2, 3, or 4 looks (your decision). This includes about half an hour of shoot time per look (it's more than enough, trust us). You can change clothes and backdrops between each look.
  • ALL of your photos (about 60-90 per look). No nickel and dime-ing here.
  • Make-up! You'll also get the services of our make-up artist AND a wardrobe consultation to help you nail that specific look you've been gunning for.

In an Express Package, you get twenty minutes with the photographer and about 60-80 images.

What about make-up?

We've been doing this for years and years, and we know what works and what doesn't. Any non-Express package includes full make-up (that's about an hour for women and about 30 minutes for guys). Don't worry, you don't have to use our make-up person, but that doesn't change the price. We won't make you look like a clown - trust us! Thousands of actors across the country can't be wrong. Come hair ready!

The 1 Look Express package doesn't have full make-up; instead, you get twenty minutes of quick touch-ups with the  make-up artist. You'll have to come hair and make-up ready with this package.

What about pricing?

The 1 Look Express is $199. Our 2 Look Package starts at $400, all inclusive. Each look is an additional $125.  

How do I get the photos?

All of your photos will be delivered to you digitally 5 business days after your shoot. You'll get an email with a password protected link to your online gallery along with instructions on how to download all your photos in different sizes: low resolution for online use (IMDb, etc.) and high resolution for printing.


For cancellation policies and information about how to prepare for your shoot, visit our FAQ page. 

Wait, I have more questions!

Don't fret. Check out our FAQ page by clicking here.